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I'm was born in 1993.

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I'm newser and moderator.

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I have to try Ubuntu 7.04, Kubuntu 7.04, Xubuntu 7.04, Ubuntu 7.10, Kubuntu 7.10, Ubuntu 8.04, Kubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 8.10, Kubuntu 8.10 and Kubuntu 9.04, Debian Lenny, Debian Sqeeze, CrunchBang Linux 9.04. Actually, I use ArchLinux.

What Else ? :
I'm an etudiant in computer. I have a passion of new technologies and especially computer. I like knifes and balisongs. I also appreciate the manga, table tennis and billard. I hate hypocrites, chain mail, SMS language and flaps-joys. I'm sometimes in a bad mood :p.

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