WOT crashing since 9.5

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lieto Thursday 1 January 2015 at 14:50

Good day guys,

I installed played on mac around 3 weeks ago and i was enjoying WOT for the most of this time. Previous version crashed once in 20-30 hours or so. 9.5 however is different story — its crashing every 3rd game, which is once every 15-20 minutes.  Its just closing the app so there are not much errors or anything that i can post here. Once in 2-3 hours it freezes and i need to force quit it. So those are 2 different kinds of problems i am experiencing. 

I am running top of the line 2011 macbook pro with 6750M 1000MB GDDR5, and intel core i7. Yosemite 10.1.1. I installed all the updates and Samba (which didnt change anything its crashing just as often).

Also it seems like there is 100% chance that it will crash during the first game of the day, although its hard to tell because it crashes so often anyway.

Any idea what changed in the recent patch? It was working perfectly before. Even without samba.

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lieto Friday 2 January 2015 at 21:16

Ok i got it to work, although not through play on mac but still, you might find this info useful.

So i downloaded NA wrapper from official WOT forums. Installed the wrapper > Launched it > Aborted download of the game > placed files from POM to the folder created by wrapper. Launched through icon created by wrapper.

Result: no crashes and +15 fps, some mods work as well.