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sharing playonlinux installs with multiple profiles

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paxile2k Wednesday 31 January 2018 at 2:11

I am trying to setup playonlinux to a single non user account and have 2 other profiles link to the install so the games are in one spot and i dont have to waste space with multiple installs per profile.  I have seen information doing my initial investigation about creating symlinks so gave it crack and used the ln -s -n /home/(profile to be used)/PlayOnLinux's\virtual\drives/ /home/(user1)/PlayOnLinux's\virtual\drives, but it seems i could be missing something, i am not sure if i have to symlink the .PlayOnLinux folder as well as the virtual drive folder seems to be a symlink to a subfolder in .PlayOnLinux.

I guess my first question is this possible (i sure hope so, i really do not want to waste space on numerous installations of the same game/software)
Second, am i going about this wrong way?

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paxile2k Thursday 1 February 2018 at 5:15

As an update I attempted the following:

I created a non-user account called playonlinux and installed PoL then installed Spore (because i had it out)

I created a group called playonlinux then added another profile called "kids" to it

I then logged in to the kids profile and launched PoL to establish the base folders for the PoL

i removed the symlink "PlayOnLinux's virtual drives" that maps to ./PlayOnLinux/wineprefix location on the kids profile and the wineprefix folder as well

I created a symlink for the wineprefix folder under the playonlinux profile under the kids profile in the same folder

then created a new symlink for "PlayOnLinux's virtual drives" to the wineprefix folder that was symlinks to the playonlinux folder

I restarted the PC and logged into the kids profile and the Game was listed!!!!! I thought i was golden...BUT

got the "you are not the owner" message trying to launch the game
I think i am going in the right direction, after doing some searches tho, i am not keen on switching permissions everytime a different user wants to run the game.

Tutul Thursday 1 February 2018 at 14:41

If I remember, Wine don't like to be run outside a user directory. Maybe check that

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