Unable to print with alternate Wine version

secondary related problem: desktop shortcut fails to launch from Desktop using System Wine version

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natonic Saturday 11 September 2021 at 22:20

I am running PlayOnMac 4.3.3 on MacOS 10.14.6 and also running it on a second computer with MacOS 10.11.6.  I am having trouble getting PlayOnMac to find my printers unless I run my programs with the "System" wine version.  I am running 32-bit wine versions only.


I've been able to duplicate this with a very simple scenario: I set up a clean virtual drive in the PlayOnMac configuration window and add a shortcut to Wordpad.  When the virtual drive is configured to run with the "System" wine version I am able to see my printers in the Wordpad print dialog.  When I switch the wine version of the virtual drive to any other version (I've tested 2.22, 4.21, 5.22, and 6.17), Wordpad launches fine, but reports that no printers are installed.


On a related note, there are some scenarios where I am able to run my programs with the System version so that I can have access to printing BUT when I attempt to launch the programs using the shortcut icons added to my Mac desktop by PlayOnMac, the programs fail to launch with an internal Wine error.  If I launch them from the PlayOnMac main window by selecting the program and clicking "Run" they launch just fine (no change to the wine version required).  On the other hand, if I switch the wine version to anything but "System" the desktop shortcut works fine again, but of course, printing is then not possible.


As I've said I've duplicated this on two different machines so I don't think it is my machine setup.


Any ideas?

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