Portable games and no CD patches

Autor Odpowiedzi
ElectricRider Wednesday 15 December 2010 at 9:37

I'm a windows user of 20 years and a hard core first person shooter gamer. I have had my Linux a month now and want to use your program for games.

Portable games and no CD patches, Can these work with this program. I do not like to carry around cd's with my laptop everywhere I go. I use no cd patches. Will they work in Linux ( I currently use Mint 9) with your program?

I also make all my games portable. I have games like Deus Ex and Half Life Source ( It's half life 1 running on the half life 2 engine) they have mods with new textures and sounds, as well as full total conversions making them different games. All this is a pain to set up and install from scratch so I do it once, then make the games portable and wrap them up in their own installer. They will install to Program files if I am on windows xp or windows 7.

How can I use these with your PlayOnLinux product? I do own the cd's I can install it all from scratch If I have to but I would rather not.