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Torchlight 2 Won't Save.


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TheMightyJR Thursday 26 June 2014 at 6:36

So I recently bought and downloaded Torchlight 2 through Steam on PlayOnMac. I played for about an hour and everything was fine, no lag, no framerate it was running absolutely perfect. When I had the log off I clicked escape and clicked the little save button in the bottom right corner. I then proceeded to exit out of the game. When I came back the next day, everything was gone and it only allowed me to start a new game. Although I wasn't super angry because I enjoyed the starting, I wanted to know why it didn't save and how to prevent it when I'm farther into the game. I do have the Synergy mod installed, should I un-install it? Is that whats making it not save? I installed the mod through the Steam Workshop. Any help would be appreciated... thanks in advance.

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