Age of Empires III (Steam) crashes after cinematic (before menu)

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andrewmin Wednesday 24 December 2014 at 0:41

I installed Steam using the PlayOnMac installer script, and that worked splendidly. Within PlayOnMac, I also successfully downloaded and launched Age of Empires III. However, as soon as it gets to the splash screen, it crashes.

Using the most recent PlayOnMac (4.2.5) and Wine 1.7.33. I went to the NewProfile.xml and enabled V-Sync (optionenablevsync = true). I registered l3codecx.ax, and have the following overrides (all except gameoverlayrenderer were done using winetricks):

  • d3dx9_43 (native, builtin)
  • dsound (native, builtin)
  • dwrite (disabled)
  • mfc42 (native)
  • mfc42u (native)
  • gameoverlayrenderer (disabled)

Here's my PlayOnMac output when I ran it from Terminal: http://pastebin.com/sh1TzqyX

Here's the Windows/Wine backtrace: http://pastebin.com/ULAUwbTz

Thoughts on how to fix this?

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