[Test] How to install ChemBioOffice Ultra 14

on Ubuntu 14.04

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bk.ong Saturday 11 April 2015 at 15:39

Wine version: 1.7.40
Distribution: Ubuntu
Distribution version:14.04 "Trusty" amd64


What work?

  • ChemDraw (including NMR predictor)
  • ChemFinder
  • CFWord

Not tested:

  • ChemBio 3D
  • Plugins and active script for internet explorer and FireFox

I tried to install this through the terminal but failed many times. Using PlayOnLinux makes this software work perfectly.

1) Install PlayOnLinux (my version is 4.2.2)

2) Click "Install A Program" on the right panel

3) on the bottom left corner, click "install a non-listed program"

4) Click "Next"

5) Select "... virtual drive", click "Next".

6) Type a name for the software. e.g. ChemBioDraw

7) Check "Install some libraries"

8) Select "32 bits windows installation"

9) Check "dotnet40", "gdiplus", and "vcrun2013".

10) when you are prompted to select the install file, HOLD ON! DO NOT use "Browse" to select the cbou140.exe. It will not work.

11) The files needed to be extracted before PlayOnLinux can install them. Extract the cbou14.exe manually by locating it from "Files" icon on your Ubuntu menu bar. Right-click and open it with wine program loader. 

12) When extraction is done, there will be an autorun screen.

13) DO NOT click "install" from the autorun screen. Click "Explore disk"

14) Again, DO NOT click the install.exe. Keep the autorun screen open. DO NOT close it.

15)  We just want to locate the path and "ChemBioOfficeUltra140.exe". You will have to go up a folder to locate it. Example : .wine/drive_c/users/xxx/Temp/ 7iu3joda.tmp instead of  .wine/drive_c/users/xxx/Temp/ 7iu3joda.tmp/Windows

16) You can now return to PlayOnLinux Wizard and click on "Browse". Open the folders until you locate "ChemBioOfficeUltra140.exe". Use this .exe as installation.

17) The rest is easy. You can choose custom install or full install.

18) At the end, PlayOnLinux will ask you whether you would like to make shortcuts. Select one .exe at a time until you are done. 

19) You will be prompted to activate the software. You know what to do. 

20) You can close the autorun screen and run ChemDraw. That's it! If the program does not run properly the first time, try restarting the program or restart computer.

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Ronin DUSETTE Saturday 11 April 2015 at 18:44

I deleted your entry in the contribution section. It is not a suggestion box. It is for scripts only. Since you know how to get it running, feel free to check out the script writers documentation in the Wiki. It is super easy to write install scripts.


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