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World of Warcraft not saving settings

Seems like the settings get overridden?

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tdegroot96 Monday 30 November 2015 at 19:23

Hey hey,

So last week I installed World of Warcraft using POL, it works really great.

Only one thing bugs me, my settings seem to get reset or erased or something like that whenever I close/start the game. I have to set my region, see the cinematic, let WoW choose a Realm for me, etc, every time I launch the game.

It's not a show stopper but I was wondering if someone else is experiencing this issue?

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petch Monday 30 November 2015 at 19:55

The configuration file is overwritten each time the game is started, I assume because the game naturally modifies it in a way that makes it incompatible with Wine? Or at least some settings must not be modified.

The file is overwritten with the version that can be found at the root of the virtual drive (~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/WorldOfWarcraft/drive_c/Config.wtf), so that's the one you want to edit to change settings permanently.

What I suggest is:

- start the game

- make the settings modifications you want

- exit the game

- open both the configuration file above and the one in the game's directory

- backport the settings you're interested in, don't change anything else

Hopefully not backporting anything incompatible.

Unless that whole mechanism is no longer necessary? I didn't wrote this script and don't own the game, so I can't tell...

tdegroot96 Tuesday 1 December 2015 at 19:41

Ahh, you sent me in the right direction!

I started off using this page to set some settings myself. After launching the game and tweaking the settings, I exited the game, ran the following command from the World of Warcraft directory:

cat WTF/Config.wtf > ../../Config.wtf

My settings are working now! Thanks again!

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