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LOL Alpha Client not running

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Undischargedd Friday 14 October 2016 at 3:35

OS: Ubuntu 15.10

So I recently got into the League Alpha Client. Excited, I install it in my LeagueOfLegends directory from the Official POL League install script, I make a shortcut to open LeagueClient.exe , but when I run it, it doesn't work. I look around for ways to fix this online, and come across that you need wine9.14-staging and you have to run the client with the wine flag '--no-sandbox' (you'd type wine LeagueClient --no-sandbox to run it). I have the wine version, but I can't find a way to run it with the wine flag --no-sandbox in POL, I try searching on ways to do this on the web, but I only come across debug-flags which are something else entirely. Anyone have any idea on how to run the client successfully in POL?

TL;DR - Anybody know how to run the League Alpha Client in PlayOnLinux, or, simply, does anyone know how to run a playonlinux application with wine flags (i.e. wine Leagueclient.exe --no-sandbox)

Thanks in advance

boriseto Wednesday 19 October 2016 at 1:32

Go on your version of the app in the POL gui, click configure. From there you can select wine version and add arguments. In the arguments add --no-sandbox and it should be okay. Haven't tested it though...

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