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safeharborgames.net usage

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gordon24186 Thursday 2 February 2017 at 7:29

There's a site called safeharborgames.net that I use on windows, and I've been trying to get it to work with my linux.  I have Debian 8.7, I use mainly chrome, but can use firefox.  I tried what they say to try on their site to get it up and going, which is to use wine.  But I've had way better luck with POL with other applications.

I've installed the software they want you to use.  I do not know if it requires Java, I've installed flash.  Debian claims I have java installed.  What is not working is when I click one of their game room links to open up a game room lobby, Firefox says they don't know how to handle the link that safeharbor uses to link into their program.  The site says that firefox is spose to ask me about what program to use so I can point to it, but firefox says we don't know wtf to do with the link!  Chrome says open xdg-open and click that and nothing.  So to bring it together, I want to know how to get the game rooms at safeharborgames.net to link into POL where I installed their software and so I can play the games, or am I stuck to windows :(?  The site also says I may need to install Riched20, Riched30, and RichTx32 from winetricks, which I just installed the wine tricks into my Debian.  But still same results of it.  Firefox says we don't know wtf to do!  I've used the windows version of firefox, installed with the game's software.  That gave the same exact result.  any ideas?

gordon24186 Friday 3 February 2017 at 18:28

Does anyone have a clue or am I posted in the wrong forums or how can get a reply as to help??

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