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Hows gaming on Linux so far?

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saya17 Friday 23 June 2023 at 16:30

So I really want to try Linux, but was always scared of due of people having problems with games not working or require a lot of tinkering to get a game to work and all that. So how are your experiences with gaming on Linux and have you ever had any major problems with it? https://mobdro.bio/

sorry if this is a dumb question, im new to linux

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Animatron Friday 23 June 2023 at 17:59

I don’t know how to be Playonlinux for games. In the world linux in games runs 90% of games with steam support with proton(https://www.protondb.com/). And also, in addition to POL, you have Lutris and Heroic Launcher to install native Windows games.

Games is no longer a big problem.  
If you want to use linux for games, I advise you to use POP!OS as a distro.

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