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Excel hyperlinks to pdf files

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natty7 Thursday 13 July 2023 at 10:30

I have a large .xls file with lots of hyperlinks to pdf files, which I use quite frequently in my job.

Everything works perfectly in a virtual machine in my PC. However, now I need to start accessing those files from a laptop in which I’ve installed LinuxMint and PlayOnLinux. I could, of course, install the whole VM in this laptop, but I wish to give POL a try. https://vidmate.onl/

Both Excel and AdobeAcrobatReader are correctly installed inside POL, and I have (supposedly) created a pdf file association to the Reader in the POL Settings.

Nevertheless, when I click on a pdf hyperlink in an Excel cell or a Word document, I get the error message «No program is registered to open this file.» I have tested the hyperlink feature itself by inserting one to a .doc file and another to an .xls file, and these worked fine. So it appears that the pdf file association is not working.

On the other hand, I’m puzzled that the Settings>FileAssociations box does not mention .doc or .xls files, though they work and must be registered somewhere. So WHERE is that? Where are the file associations to those two located? Hopefully, if I find the file where they are, I might add an association to .pdf files.

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