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Real Flight R/C Flight Simulator


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TexasMike Tuesday 13 April 2010 at 18:41

Hello all,
I am a total "noob" with Play-On-Linux, and not much more with Wine. I want to be able to run/play my R/C Simulator on Ubuntu (Karmic)/Ultimate Edition 2.5X64 (a distro created from Ubuntu).
I am able to install the software directly into Wine by simply Right-clicking on the "Setup.exe" file on the CD and it installs without any error messages.
The next step in the installation of this program is to "Register" the serial numbers of the software and it's "Hardware" - an R/C "Transmitter" (actually only a controller with joysticks that looks and responds like the actual transmitter used to fly R/C Models). And this is where I run into problems - I can enter the appropriate numbers/information as requested by the program, but it always fails to recognise the input and therefore will not actually start the simulator.
I am now curious to know if there is a way to get this to work by using "Play On Linux". I did take a look at the documentation and found it to be informative but incomplete - at least for me.
Does anyone here have any instructions or just general guidelines for creating/configuring a .POL for a currently un-supported application?
Any assistance is most appreciated...


Ultimate Edition 2.5 X64
NSLW Thursday 15 April 2010 at 8:32

If you expect that your application will run better under POL then you are wrong. At least not when you are trying to do exactly the same as with plain Wine.

POL isn't anything more than just an front-end for wine. It can configure application to get it running, sometimes patches wine but it has the same limits as wine.
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