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TES3 Morrowind

Tophu Test

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dlzerocool Monday 10 December 2007 at 14:08

Wine version: 0.9.37
Distribution: Debian
Distribution version: SID (Unstable)
Graphics card : Nvidia, geforceFX 5700LE (256 Mo version)
Graphics card driver: 1.0-9755
- Your system needs to support 7zip archive format to use the script. (Normaly all distributions support it, for Ubuntu users 7zip is supported without any other install).
- The script will ask you to install or not the extensions (Tribunal and/or Bloodmoon).
- Some unofficial patches are downloaded by the script from the Wiwiland website.

- White background replaces the char preview in inventory.
- Black background replaces the local map.

- To play in another resolution than the selectable ones you will need to edit the registry.
Search for the key: [HKEY_LOCAL_Mhttp://pix.nofrag.com/4e/3e/656fef3d8c76478ee9ee59a3be57t.jpgACHINESOFTWAREBethesda SoftworksMorrowind]
and edit the "Screen Width" and "Screen Height" values.
- To play without CD: make a directory in the wineprefix of the game.
(ex: /home/user/.Playonlinux/wineprefix/ElderScrolls3_Morrowind/CDROM )
Copy AutoRunMorrowind.exe and the movies directory from the Morrowind CD to dosdevices.
Delete the link d: and replace it by another with the same name pointing to the CDROM directory that you created.


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