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Using a stylus on a tablet pc in Wine

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FragMonkey Saturday 14 July 2012 at 1:25

I have posted this issue on the official Wine forums as well but figured it wouldn't hurt to post here as well.

I have a tablet PC with a stylus running Ubuntu (Thinkpad X60). Using the app PlayOnLinux, I installed the classic games Fallout 2 and Aracanum and both are running excellently. 

However, the games do not appear to recognize my stylus input. I would very much prefer to operate these games with my stylus. Mouse input works as expected, but when I bring my stylus to the screen, the mouse pointer jumps to the bottom left corner and no input is recognized from the stylus. 

Is there a method by which Wine can recognize stylus input? Is it maybe an issue of multiple inputs causing a problem? 

Thanks in advance
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