Command And Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition)


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Wine: 1.4.1



Français :
Nous sommes en 2047, et la situation ne fait qu'empirer. Le tiberium, un minerai extraterrestre qui s'est propagé sur toute la Terre, se répand telle une aire glaciaire radioactive. Le GDI, alliance mondiale des nations les plus avancées en haute technologie, se bat pour stopper le tiberium, mais Kane, le chef excentrique du NOD, a d'autres projets pour la Terre. La société secrète de Kane, devenue une superpuissance, compte utiliser le tiberium pour asservir l'humanité et lui imposer sa vision démoniaque du futur. Désormais, c'est la guerre totale pour le tiberium qui va décider du destin de la planète.

English :
The year is 2047 when an enormous nuclear explosion marks the beginning of the third Tiberium war. The Earth has been separated into zones based on the level of the Tiberium infestation, and the majority of Earth's population lives in war-torn, ecologically devastated regions known as yellow zones. Much of the planet is completely uninhabitable, and only a small portion of the Earth's surface has been left in decent enough shape to be the last refuge of the civilized world. Unfortunately, the infamous Kane has once again returned to lead the Brotherhood of Nod in an epic invasion against the Global Defense Initiative.


Source code

# Date : (2008-09-07 19-00)
# Last revision : (2013-06-20 21:00)
# Wine version used : 1.2, 1.3.15, 1.3.25, 1.3.26, 1.3.27, 1.4.1
# Distribution used to test : Debian Testing x64
# Author : GNU_Raziel
# Licence : Retail
# Only For :

[ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"

TITLE="Command And Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition)"
SHORTCUT_NAME="Command And Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition)"

if [ "$POL_LANG" == "fr" ]; then
        TITLE="Command And Conquer 3 : Les Guerres du Tibérium (Kane Edition)"
        SHORTCUT_NAME="Command And Conquer 3 : Les Guerres du Tibérium (Kane Edition)"

# Starting the script
POL_GetSetupImages "" "" "$TITLE"
POL_SetupWindow_SetID 51

# Starting debugging API

POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Electronic Arts" "" "GNU_Raziel" "$PREFIX"

# Setting prefix path
POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"

# Downloading wine if necessary and creating prefix
POL_System_SetArch "x86"

# Choose between DVD and Digital Download version
POL_SetupWindow_InstallMethod "DVD,STEAM,LOCAL"

# Installing mandatory dependencies
if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" == "STEAM" ]; then
        POL_Call POL_Install_steam

        # Mandatory pre-install fix for steam
        POL_Call POL_Install_steam_flags "$STEAM_ID"

        # Shortcut done before install for steam version
        POL_Shortcut "steam.exe" "$SHORTCUT_NAME" "cnc3.png" "steam://rungameid/$STEAM_ID" "Game;StrategyGame;"
        POL_Shortcut "steam.exe" "Steam ($SHORTCUT_NAME)" "" "" "Game;"
POL_Call POL_Install_gdiplus
POL_Call POL_Install_d3dx9

# Asking about memory size of graphic card

## Fix for this game
cat << EOF > "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/net_hack.reg"
regedit "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/net_hack.reg"

if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" == "DVD" ]; then
        # Choose Game language
        POL_SetupWindow_menu "$(eval_gettext 'Choose the game language you want')" "$TITLE" "$(evalgettext 'French')~$(evalgettext 'German')~$(evalgettext 'English')" "~"
        if [ "$APP_ANSWER" == "$(evalgettext 'French')" ]; then
        elif [ "$APP_ANSWER" == "$(evalgettext 'German')" ]; then
        POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "setup.exe"
        POL_Wine start /unix "$CDROM/autorun.exe"
        POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"
        # Language Fix for DVD install
        if [ "$GAME_LNG" == "fr" ]; then
                POL_SetupWindow_wait_next_signal "$(eval_gettext 'Wait while language pack is configured...')" "$TITLE"
                cd "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/"
                cabextract "$CDROM/"
                cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/Electronic Arts/Command & Conquer 3/"
                mv "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/cnc3_french_1.0.skudef" "CNC3_french_1.0.SkuDef"
                mkdir -p "Lang-french/1.0"
                echo "add-big French.big" > "Lang-french/1.0/config.txt"
                cp "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/french.big" "Lang-french/1.0/French.big"
                echo "add-big ../Lang-french/1.0/French.big" >> "RetailExe/1.0/config.txt"
cat << EOF > "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/french.reg"
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Electronic Arts\\Electronic Arts\\Command and Conquer 3]
regedit "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/french.reg"
        if [ "$GAME_LNG" == "de" ]; then
                POL_SetupWindow_wait_next_signal "$(eval_gettext 'Wait while language pack is configured...')" "$TITLE"
                cd "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/"
                cabextract "$CDROM/"
                cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/Electronic Arts/Command & Conquer 3/"
                mv "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/cnc3_german_1.0.skudef" "CNC3_german_1.0.SkuDef"
                mkdir -p "Lang-german/1.0"
                echo "add-big German.big" > "Lang-german/1.0/config.txt"
                cp "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/german.big" "Lang-german/1.0/German.big"
                echo "add-big ../Lang-german/1.0/German.big" >> "RetailExe/1.0/config.txt"
cat << EOF > "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/german.reg"
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Electronic Arts\\Electronic Arts\\Command and Conquer 3]
regedit "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/german.reg"
elif [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" == "STEAM" ]; then
        cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/Steam"
        POL_Wine start /unix "steam.exe" steam://install/$STEAM_ID
        POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"
        # Asking then installing DDV of the game
        cd "$HOME"
        POL_SetupWindow_browse "$(eval_gettext 'Please select the setup file to run.')" "$TITLE"
        POL_SetupWindow_wait_next_signal "$(eval_gettext 'Installation in progress...')" "$TITLE"
        POL_Wine start /unix "$SETUP_EXE"
        POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"

# Making shortcut
if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" != "STEAM" ]; then
        POL_Shortcut "CNC3.exe" "$SHORTCUT_NAME" "cnc3.png" "" "Game;StrategyGame;"

exit 0



Member Meddelanden
Belyce Thursday 2 June 2016 at 17:53
Belyce Anonymous



After installing Command and Conquer Tiberium War with play on linux, I try to execute the programme, I have the start splash and yhen a message which tell : le module de securite requis ne peut etre activé ce programme ne peut pas etre execute (3000). I search on the web what would signify this message but I found nothing. Could you help me please ?


Ubuntu 16.04 playonlinux last version


galex-713 Friday 15 April 2016 at 12:11
galex-713 Anonymous


Hi, I’m trying to install CNC3 and used the install procedure on PlayOnLinux, through DVD. I tried to play it using wine 1.5.16 (when using the default version of the installer it just hangs hup after the splashscreen with nothing other). But when I launch the game I get the splashscreen, the resolution that downgrades (I know that, that’s normal and due to the default configuration of the game), the green-game-specific-arrow cursor, and sometimes a black screen, but nothing else.

The first time I also noticed at the center of the screen the cursor was changing to the “input text here” one, as it is supposed to do at the first start of the game to ask the name of the first profile. So I typed “test”, enter, and never saw it again.

So I remember long ago to had this problem under Windows Vista long time ago, but I forgot what workarround I found at the time… and testing the game on other computers with Windows it seems it shouldn’t happen… So how can I try/begin to debug that problem? Had someone already encountered this problem (I already searched to solve this problem some time ago and recall to have searched that but found nothing useful)

PS: attaching processes like CNC3.exe or cnc3game.dat to strace make them exit mysteriously, while normally I have to wait a while before they exit.

PPS: for a machine with no DVD lector, is it acceptable to use a no-CD crack if making a pseudo-DVD-device with winecfg and linking it to a directory containing the same content as the DVD doesn’t work (while having a valid key and bought the material game)? I mean can a such situation also be legitimate to ask help here according ToS (I heard when you bought the game it is legal to do so)?