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You like PlayOnLinux? So we need your help!

Tuesday 5 August 2008 at 16:09

Hello everybody,

As you know PlayOnLinux has taken on an important rise these last months. The staff regularly tries to make the piece of software known by filling articles about it in the online documentations, by talking about it in mutual aid websites for games or GNU/Linux, etc.

It often requires a lot of time, and we can't know all the websites possibly interested in our piece of software.

So if you like PlayOnLinux and want to help this project, we invite you to point out websites related to games and/or Linux where POL isn't present. Of course, you can make links or advertisements by yourself but take care to make an attractive ad, which looks pretty "professional" (I mean not something done in 2 minutes, else it harms our public image instead, it would be a pity ).

We thank all the old, current and future contributors for their efforts.

POL's staff takes advantage of it to thank all the members who had proposed us numerous scripts during the past weeks. We are touched and are indebted to you for your investments to play easily on Linux.

Off the Subject: If one of your scripts was accepted and you'd like to warn the community about it (if your script is new for example), it's possible to write a news by contacting me. Of course, I'm also open to other subjects (as long as it's related to Linux or gaming in general).

Have a good day on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom