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santa_klausi Wednesday 20 February 2013 at 15:08

Hi everybody,

i'm new to this forum, so let me quickly introduce myself:
I'm 22, german, new to WINE and PlayOnLinux, not so new to Linux, and my name is Paul.
Let me say a big THANK YOU to eveybody working on this amazing piece of software! It makes things so much easier and can help a lot with the transition to Linux. Its so cool playing my games on linux, although with some I still got some frustration. But let me repeat it: Thank you very much.

I would like to contribute some little things, for example how i got some unsupported games to work or some issues with other games. My big problem is that i am unable to understand the structure of the forum, so i don't know where to post it.
For example i installed Warlords Battlecry 2, which is not supported as far as i know. So i did a manual installation. Am i expected to post this in "Manual Installation" section (I don't feel like a hacker, more like a user), in "Play on Linux" or in "Application Test"? Sorry for the noob question, i tried to figure it out, but without success...

Thanks for some hints and for the great work, keep it up!
Greeting, Santa
petch Wednesday 20 February 2013 at 16:30

Hi Paul,
"Application tests" is for feedback about existing installers, so the right place for manual instructions to install unsupported softwares in "Manual installations"; And "Your creations" is for scripts to automate the installation of unsupported softwares.

santa_klausi Thursday 21 February 2013 at 21:45

Okay, thank you. I hope i can contribute something.