Warcraft III - Playonlinux vs. PlayonMac

Cinematics work on Mac, but not Linux

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ellisjuan Saturday 30 March 2013 at 10:56


I've been using POL for about a year, and Wine for many years before that.

The first thing I have to say is that I love it.  This product is excellent in all areas.

A friend of mine is hooked on Mac (poor guy), so I introduced him to PlayonMac so that we can play Warcraft III against each other on his LAN.

The first thing I noticed is that PlayonMac is over 500Mb to download, versus PlayonLinux which is 11Mb.  Is this because PlayonMac includes libraries which aren't installed by default on a Mac?

The second question I have:  I jumped out of my skin when he fired it up and the cinematics work.  They don't work in Linux, and all of the documentation I can find relating to Wine says that they shouldn't work.

Just wondering how POM plays the cinematics for Warcraft III and if this can be translated to POL?


petch Saturday 30 March 2013 at 11:58


PlayOnMac package is larger because it includes (most?) required softwares that are just installed as dependencies on Linux: a default version of Wine, Python 2.7, wxPython, ImageMagick, some (GNU) tools,...)

About Warcraft 3 I don't know, I checked the script there's basically no PoM specific tweaks, just a minor and very common workaround on Mac (disabling Wine's window management by the window manager), so I doubt it's the reason.
Could be something done by XQuartz, or the video drivers, I don't know...
Ronin DUSETTE Saturday 30 March 2013 at 17:31

What version of Linux are you running, and which video card do you have? Do you have the proprietary drivers installed? That might cause this.

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