League installation for patch 5.22 with ubuntu 14.


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KevinV Monday 16 November 2015 at 20:21

Hey i could really use some help. ive had ubuntu for a few weeks now and everything was working great, i could play league perfectly and run it just fine, but after deleting my harddrive and reinstalling java, flash, and playonlinux league of legends wont work anymore with wine 1.7.52, after apply patches the game takes for ever to apply them but thats normal since it does that for everyone on every OS. what happens is after applying patches the install screen goes black and a window pops up about the program not working. Sometimes ill get a bugsplat error with 1.7.52. currently im trying to update it with 1.7.33 to see if that works but other than that im stumped.. please any help is appreciated i wanna play soon ive been at this for 4 days so for and im running out of options.