Is this a Wine issue?

or just a RTFM one?

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mfT201 Friday 29 April 2016 at 14:01

Hi, I'm trying to run an old Win95 game (Pacific General) using POL; It seems to run just fine, except when it tries to display attack animations - Those freeze the game, and I have to kill it.

All the log has to say is:

fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x32f5b8,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:d3d:wined3d_surface_blt Can't handle WINED3D_BLT_ASYNC flag.
fixme:d3d_shader:upload_palette P8 surface loaded without a palette.


It seems there is something amiss, but I'm unable to know where... A Google serach didn't yield anything useful. Is this a Wine issue and should I go bug WineHQ about it, or is it me who didn't install some required part of Wine in POL?

I'm running POL 4.2.10 on Linux Mint 17.3, and that specific game is using Wine 1.9.8 in POL. The game is made for Win95 and DirectX 3, so it's not very demanding. It has a "Gold" rating at WineHQ since 2010 on Ubuntu, so it should work.


Thank you in advance to anybody having a solution (or at least an explanation).


booman Tuesday 3 May 2016 at 19:48

Check the debug again and look for "err:"

fixme's usually are not a problem, just a warning for developers.  Any time I've tested older games like Fallout 1, Darkstone and Diablo I would use these settings:

  • 32-bit virtual drive
  • 32-bit Wine 1.8.2 or even 1.6.2
  • Wine Configuration - Windows XP
  • Library - corefonts
  • Library - d3dx9
  • Library - tahoma

There isn't much infor on WineHQ's

Here is someone that got it running a long time ago:

Pacific General

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