Chinese input into MS Office 2010 (using fcitx or scim)

Chinese input works for all applications intalled through software manager

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guyrobertson22 Thursday 28 July 2016 at 11:24

OS: Mint Cinnamon 18 Sarah (64 bit)

System: Gigabyte Brix (GB-BACE-3150), 4G RAM, 110G SSD, Intel Celeron

Software: MS Office 2010 + Microsoft fonts (both installed through Playonlinux)


Hi, I recently installed MS Office 2010 using Playonlinux and installation was very smooth. However, I live in Taiwan and so have looked at adding Chinese keyboard input. Both fcitx and scim inputs seem to work when using standard Mint applications (such as Libre Office, Firefox, etc) but Chinese text is not inputed into any of the MS Office applications.

I installed Microsoft Fonts (using Playonlinux) which means I can now copy and paste Chinese text into MS Office from other applications (previously it just gave white boxes for each character). However, typing directly into MS Office still isn't possible in Chinese. If I switch to English it works fine.

I suspect this may be inherent in needing to use wine to run MS Office but any ideas on how to write Chinese characters directly into MS Office would be great.

Many thanks in advance