WOW does not display the characters.

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Basilix Tuesday 27 December 2016 at 16:07

I have installed POL 4.2.10 on a Linux Mint 18.1 system and installed most recently from the script that I downloaded from the POL site. would not even load and gave an error untill I changed from Wineprefix 1.9.15 to 1.9.22Staging.  Once it loaded with the 1.9.22Staging I got the intro to WOW no problem and then when I entered the world everything is there but none of the character images were visible.  You can hear things happening but the would not show. 

My laptop is loaded with 16GB of RAM and quad core @2.7 GHz.  I am using the Nvidia drivers and a hybrid graphics card.  This is also a SSD drive. 

Does anyone have any input on this?