Older wine from PoL cannot open winegstreamer.dll

There is a different behaviour from "system installed" wine

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llde Monday 21 January 2019 at 18:33


I started using PlayOnLinux recently as a way to try older wine version without recompiling them myself, (and getting stranges errors), to test a regression test with a game (Imperium Great Battles of Rome.)

However  I'm getting an issue with winegstreamer.dll from PoL downloaded wine and wine-staging.

Starting the game with a PoL linux gives this error:  (multiple wine versions <= 3.18 tested, I didn't test newer versions except 4.0rc5 that doesn't experience the issue )

003d:err:ole:COMPOBJ_DllList_Add couldn't load in-process dll L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winegstreamer.dll"
003d:err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {f9d8d64e-a144-47dc-8ee0-f53498372c29} could be created for context 0x401

When I use instead a wine 3.18 (and also older releases, but too old release doesn't work at all for dependancies mismatch) from ArchLinux Rollback Machine, winegstreamer.dll is correctly loaded and used. (Also whe I use it from PoL with "System" as wine version)

Noteworthy may be the fact that the system installed wine is a multiarch Wow64 wine, while the PoL wine is 32bit wine only (it isn't specified if the AMD64 wine is a Wow64 or 64bit only wine).

I'm on ArchLinux 64bit. PoL 4.3.4

Thanks for help in advance.


I'm sorry if I made some language errors, I'm not a native speaker and I'm dysgraphic.


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