Gothic 3 script

Problems with gecko and install

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clawmaster Wednesday 23 December 2009 at 17:55

I have bought the Gothic universe where Gothic 3 is in

I put the disc in and start the script
i patch my version of wine 1.1.35 as recommended

i use other to make it find the installer /media/cdrom/Gothic 3

When the first problem come up .. it says i should install wine Gecko, but i have tried every way to do this. with the installer coming up. with the link it gives to wine's homesite where its explanined. and evere other way i can find.

but i can keep on installing so i just ignorer it.
i install direct x
and start the install.
it turns up with an error but seems like it have no meening, the patch ask for me to find the way for it and i go in on the c:/ fake drive and put it on

there happens nothing when i try starting the version as told to start new game, or the 1.1.35-gothic version

if i go into the drive and start it manually it says there is missing a config file. and the game cant start

Please help ?

xxx Clawmaster xxx