Using Playonlinux with two user accounts?

Don't want to install everything twice...

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gosa Monday 8 November 2010 at 15:48

Hi All!

I just stumbled across this wonderful thing browsing the Peppermint Linux forum, and got lured in by the possibility of running Office 2007 in my Linux Mint environment.

I've been playing around with it for some time now, and one thing I can't figure out is how I can use Playonlinux to install (for example) Microsoft Office 2007 so that both of my two user accounts I have (one for me and one for my girlfriend) can use the same install.

Right now - installing in one account and then switching to the other I get an empty Playonlinux window with nothing executable.

Is there some trick I can apply, or do I have to install everything twice consuming double the disk space in doing so?

Thanks in advance,
drcdebaca Friday 3 December 2010 at 0:49

It has been suggested to me that I change permissions on the .Playonlinux file and create a symlink to that file for the other users, but what do I link to /home/user/.Playonlinux? Not only that, the scripts for Office 2007 are based on the user on which it was installed, so even if the symlink was established I don't think it would run. Anyone's thought on this?