Help needed w/ Football Manager 2010 installation

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lukenuckley Wednesday 1 December 2010 at 10:31

Good morning,

I am having real difficulty installing Football Manager 2010 to my Ubuntu 10.10 (Netbook Edition) netbook using PlayOnLinux 3.8.6

I have detailed my steps below, please accept my apologies if this is a little longwinded but I am a complete newcomer to Linux and PlayOnLinux so didn't want to miss anything at all that might be of relevance;

I receive the 'Welcome to PlayOnLinux's Installation Wizard' screen – which I guess is standard so I've not transposed all the text from this screen.

I click 'Forward' and I'm asked where my CD-ROM is mounted. As I am using a netbook without any optical drives I have extracted a personal copy of my disc to /home/luke/Downloads/FM2010/ so I click Other, then 'Forward', enter the above path, click 'Forward' again

I then receive two screens in turn, stating 'Please wait while the Wine prefix is being created' and then 'PlayOnLinux is installing Directx 9' before I am asked “How much memory do your graphics card have got?” and select 256 from the drop down and click 'Forward'.

I am then told that, “To install correctly the game, use the offline installation”, but nothing else happens so I click 'Forward'.

The next screen says to, “Click on “Next” ONLY when the game installation is finished or you will have to redo the installation” but again nothing else happens. I left PlayOnLinux on this screen for over twenty minutes yesterday and still nothing happened so eventually I clicked 'Forward' anyway .

I am then asked whether I would like to create a shortcut on either my desktop or my menu. I want neither so I leave the boxes unchecked and click 'Forward'.

Football Manager 2010 is then listed in my main PlayOnLinux window but nothing happens at all when I attempt to run it.

Wondering whether it may be a problem with PlayOnLinux in general, rather than being specific to Football Manager, I attempted to install Spotify and this worked absolutely fine.

Hoping that someone may be able to help – am itching to start playing Football Manager on the move, but more pressingly at home on my sofa as I'm currently unwell!!

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to read the above and tries to help me out.