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Zelse Tuesday 7 December 2010 at 7:40

Hello all!

Posted on the ubuntu forums and got some help, bu I'm still having problems:

Here is what I have tried so far <-- The original post

I consider my ability/knowledge of computers to be medium-high, and I'm fairly unfamiliar with linux, but am learning fast.

Specs: Q6600@3.2Ghz
4GB DDR2 800mhz RAM
XFX (NVidia) 9600GT (512mb)
Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit
Wine 1.2.1
Oblivion GOTY Edition DVD

I've checked around and followed most of the instructions I could find. I added a new wine drive to "Media/Oblivion GOTY 1".

At first when attempting to run setup.exe, it froze my computer and I had to reboot.

then I did some more research and installed d3dx9 (or whatever) using winetricks.

Now I seem to get a 50/50 chance of having it freeze, or I get an error message saying "Setup.exe has encountered a problem and has to close etc."


Alright, It seems securom is my problem. I don't think POL is compatible with it, so I'm going to try and download a backup copy (seeing as I already paid for it), which will hopefully not have this issue. I will keep this thread updated as to my progress.


Thank you all for the aid thus far.

So through POL I am able to get Oblivion and all the DLC installed. When I click run it opens the Launcher fine. However, when I click play, It either freezes, or gives me a "Invalid parameter" type message.

I'm determined to get this, and will keep looking, but any insight would be very much appreciated.

Update: I was able to get into the main menu finally. Started mucking about with settings (mostly changing my resolution to 1680x1050. Restarted to apply changes and system crashed.


Anyway, I can now get into the game and it is somewhat playable (I use POL to simulate a windows reboot until it opens), but whenever I am attacked by something, my screen flashes black and my menus (inventory, etc.) are weird. It also doesn't want to load the interior cell immediately after the first one(when trying to go through the first locked door).

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