Diablo 3 stuck at "Launching..." message

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HolyMythos Monday 21 May 2012 at 0:03

Ubuntu 12.04
Diablo 3, 1.5.4
Radeon 6410HD
Not sure what other specs are needed

I'm using the download version of the game using the POL install. Being that my internet speed is dreadfully slow, the game is struggling to download any higher than 200kbs, which most of the time it idles around 40kbs. I've left the installer on since 09:00 (18:00 right now) and I just reached 50%.

Anyways, around 14:00, I went to wake up my computer and it was a black screen with just my mouse. No keyboard shortcuts would do anything so I had to hard reset it. When I reloaded the installer it was at 28%. I figured that maybe the computer had just frozen and needed to be restarted. Now, when I hit the play button, the game says "Launching..." but then hangs there. I've left it for ten minutes but nothing happens. The download stops as well. I have to close out of it, then use the "Close All PlayOnLinux software" function in POL to even get it to come back on.

I'm not sure if the problem is because the game hasn't finished installing or because the black screen had me reset my computer. When the black screen freeze happened and I restarted my computer, PlayOnLinux was still in the "Hit the next button after Diablo 3 has finished installing", so I don't know if there was anything for POL to do after the installation that needed to take place.

I'm just hoping that I don't get this all the way downloaded after a literal 18 hours just to find out I have to do it all over again because my computer froze a couple hours into it. Any help is greatly appreciated!