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brij Wednesday 20 March 2013 at 22:28

I am sorry if this has already been answered, but How can I download a script for a game that is not officially supported? I want to download script for Rome Total war.But chrome just opens a new chrome window when I click on "install this program" button. Thanx.
Ronin DUSETTE Thursday 21 March 2013 at 22:41

Try it with firefox. I have noticed that Chrome acts goofy on linux with this site. At least just for me.

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petch Thursday 21 March 2013 at 23:08

Also, if you mean the "Rome Total War (Gold Edition)" script, it is officially supported, like all the scripts that members can see in the "Supported software" section.
The only thing that you may be missing is that, since it's a beta script, you need to check the "Testing" checkbox to get access to it.