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[HOW-TO] SC2 HOTS with ATI Radeon HD on linuxmint 15

finally it works :)

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ccT Thursday 15 August 2013 at 17:22


Asus N61Jq, i7, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 (1024MB)

Here is how I was able to get sc2 HOTS to work on linuxmint 15:

1) remove all wine and playonlinux packages.
2) remove all ATI and graphics drivers and install the proprietary ATI drivers like that: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Raring_Installation_Guide
3) install playonlinux 4.1.1 (this is the version from the standard software manager)
4) download the sc2-client-installer from the battle.net
4) open playonlinux > install > Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty (yes, WOL! It works with HOTS, too!) > use the battle.net installer
5) Hit "install" on the sc2 launch-screen, wait for the game download to complet (100%)
6) close sc2-launcher > the playonlinux installer should finish

At this point I had several problems:

1. Problem: Black Screen on start-up, I see mouse-cursor, but cannot do anything
Solution: re-install drivers (remove them first as mentioned in step 2)

2. Problem: sc2 crashs on first login-attempt and then always at the login-screen with "An unexpected fatal error occurred"
Solution: open playonlinux > SC2 WOL > configure > add wine version 1.70 > select 1.70

3. Problem: Cursor on wrong monitor captured so that I cannot use the sc2 interface.
Solution: disable 2nd monitor from catalyst.

4. Problem: qwertz in chats etc, but qwerty as hotkeys in game.
Solution: launch script:
setxkbmap -model logicink -layout us -variant 
sleep 10 && setxkbmap -model logicink -layout de,us -variant
/usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux --run "StarCraft II Wings of Liberty"

That runs fine and I am able to play sc2 again :) :) yeah!

Maybe that helps someone! :)

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booman Friday 16 August 2013 at 1:56

Very cool! Thanks for the update and the tips. Did you also post your success at WineHQs too?

Its cool to see Wine 1.7 having success, I've been wondering how well it works.
I probably need to test some of my games with it...
I wish I had a copy of StarCraft 2

† Booman †
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ccT Sunday 18 August 2013 at 9:56

Yes, but they rejected, because they only accept pure Wine testings and not playonlinux-based tests.
petch Sunday 18 August 2013 at 10:27

Do they reject tests that involve winetricks too? Just wondering
booman Sunday 18 August 2013 at 14:54

Yes, I'm pretty sure they do. They have a very strict set of rules for submitting a test and claim "its confusing to gamers" if we include 3rd party layers or patched versions of Wine.
When in reality its confusing and misleading to gamers to have lots of "garbage" and "bronze" reports when the game runs fine in PlayOnLinux.

I'm starting to wonder if Wine isn't interested in helping themselves?

† Booman †
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