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Torchlight II on Steam Problemas

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rana Friday 11 July 2014 at 1:58

Greetings forum master-



1. Steam crashes when I try to start Torchlight II-I receive a lovely little message informing me of this right after I click play from my steam window.

2. Torchlight II game screen comes up but game doesn't load. This happens right after I receive the lovely crash message...sometimes it happens just because I clicked play.

3. Steam sometimes never even runs on playonmac. A sleek loading bar that never adds blocks appears telling me that it is updating steam, but it never happens.

4. When I finally got to play (which was once) none of my gameplay was saved. Everything went smoothly once. I did nothing different, I swear! Except uninstall and reinstall playonmac and try it for the umpteenth time. But alas, I am still unable to play and above problems still persist!

Things I have done:

1. Uninstalled and reinstalled both steam and playonmac (newest version).

2. Read forums which are all outdated or unrelated or unresolved.


I would appreciate any help!


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