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Signing script variable and pubkey managment

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sam666 Monday 1 September 2014 at 4:58


Everytime i want to add a new POL script, i have to read the source code (for security reasons).

Why ? Cause someone can MITM me or compromise the file server and replace binary with backdoored one.

So please, could you plan to introduce the following security feature:

- Add the signing content of all files (signed scripts + signed software binary) downloaded from POL website and/or use https on your file server (iirc : files.playonlinux.com). 

Here one of the way to introduce signing feature :

- Each contributor having access to the files server generate pair of pub/priv.

- Add main pubkeys in default playonlinux install

- Provide a file in each install of POL programs (as separated or included in the end of POL script)

- Add a pub key viewer inside the software to list referenced pubkeys (that can be stored in a directory), and offer the possibility to add/remove any pub keys from the windows. This can be a simple "List" widget with add/remove button.

- Each times POL launch a script to install a game, it will check the signature of files, If files are not downloaded from POL website, it will enumerate them.

What do you think ?  

Thanks you guys for your time and consideration. And really, you are doing a great works on this project.


sam666 Monday 1 September 2014 at 5:00

- Provide a file in each install of POL programs (as separated or included in the end of POL script)

I mean "provide a file containing all signed values to be checked by POL with the pubkey stored"

Quentin PÂRIS Monday 1 September 2014 at 11:02
Quentin PÂRIS

This is actually the current mechanism. If POL gives the source code of a script before running it, it means that the signature check failed.