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Alice - American McGee (1999/2011) - has to run from Command Prompt?

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evild4ve Sunday 8 January 2023 at 7:27

Is there a better way of doing the below?


Xubuntu 22.04
Wine 6.0.3
Windows 7
Winetricks: nothing (iirc)
DLL overrides: cgame, cgamex86, fgame, fgamex86, mss32

I had no luck with the original release from 1999/2000 but was able to get the 2011 remastered version running with the following steps:-

1. Copy the whole Alice1 folder onto drive_c

2. Configure > Wine > Open a Command Prompt

3. C:

4. cd Alice1\bin\

5. Alice.bat

(The batch file runs 'alice.exe -RunningFromAlice2'. The tag on the end is to tell the game it isn't being opened from within Alice 2 - Madness Returns, as was normal for this release)

There are numerous graphical settings tweaks described at https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/American_McGee%27s_Alice_(2011)#cite_note-Disabled_console_and_missing_Cheshire_features-1


To make windows .bat files open in wine, it seems to be necessary to tell the text editor that "External Tools execute external commands shell scripts" (see https://askubuntu.com/questions/661113/how-to-run-a-batch-bat-file-on-ubuntu-using-wine-with-complete-steps) I don't use gedit as my text editor but the other text editor has the same option in preferences so I presume this is standard for Linux text editors. But I definitely don't want .bat files to run a executables from my file manager as the default behaviour - I only want them to do that from wine. Is that possible?