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Steam will download but not run games

Issues varies between games

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alexarbusto Monday 23 August 2021 at 17:48



I don't have any data logs, so if I need them please let me know. 

Running POM 4.4.3.

I have a Macbook Ar (2020) with an M1 chip running Big Sur 11.5.1. It's also less than a month old and has no malware (I have malware bytes consistently scanning). I do have Rosetta 2 installed to run and Starcraft II. For graphics card, I have switched between 4096 and 3072 with no success.

So far I have tested 5 games: Fistful of Frags, Left 4 Dead 2, Risk of Rain, Deadbolt, and Sanctum 2. All are 32-bit. 

Fistful of Frags

Literally the only one that works with no issues as far as I know. The game loads both single player and multiplayer sessions with no issues, but I haven't played more than a couple minutes just to see if it would work.


Left 4 Dead 2

This one is kind of weird. The game will load the main screen and I am able to start a session. However, when I attempt to actually play on a map, the game will begin to load then once it reaches 100% loaded, I will see a black screen before it crashes. It will also not load any online games in the lobby menu.


Risk of Rain, Sanctum 2, Deadbolt

All three of these will not open. I might get a black screen if I'm lucky, but none of these will actually run. On Risk of Rain, I get a dialog window for first time setup. I will include a screenshot.


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


Edit: anytime a game crashes the debug log reads the following (the numbers vary each time)




Decoding ogg musicTitle.ogg ...


Finished PrepareGame() 



wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 00000000 at address 0FC81410 (thread 0484), starting debugger...

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alexarbusto Monday 23 August 2021 at 18:14

I attempted to manually install Steam using a download file from the website but I'm still having the exact same issues as listed above :/

particlefeever Tuesday 7 September 2021 at 16:35

I am now using POM 4.4.3 too. Steam runs with only the list of games (compact view). I can only play the game, nothing else works.

  • Fallout: New Vegas - is running at last, and very smooth, better than in native Windows.
  • Sanitarium - won't start anymore! Was running so good...

Will be interesting to know more about POM, I can't find some logs to try to work on a solution, don't know why is crashing.