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I am not clear on video settings

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geminiguy Friday 5 December 2008 at 16:54

I am sorry if I am not posting everything necc. but will try my best, as I am not overly pc technically skilled
I am trying PlayOnLinux for the first time and it seems like a great program. I have been using XP only to play one game called "American Conquest" and finally decided to try to install it with POL

I am using an older version which was in my PCLinuxOS repo 2.3 I tried to get a newer version from your list but the PCLinuxOS link comes up dead?
Anyway, I finally figured out how to install the game with POL, but I did not install DirectX as it came up with the EULA agreement as does in XP and I paniced

The game is installed and when I launch it, the screen res jumps to (I think) 800x600? My actual settings are 1280x1024 and I use GRANULAR Linux BTW (which relies on PCLOS repos for the time being.

The game launches, and the res jumps. I can hear all the sounds, just as perfectly as on XP, but the screen is black? I am sure this issue is something I am doing wrong and nothing to do with your fine program. (a little butt kissin there) I am wondering what I need to do, if there is something I need to do to remedy this?

I also run a Compaq Presario S5300NX (all stock) with 512Mb RAM

Again... my apologies if I have not given all the info you need. Please tell me if this is the case and please state which ever more you need and I will do my best

Thank you.
Tutul Friday 30 November 2018 at 15:45

If the game is pretty old, it's may be normal.

You can use the configuration panel > configure wine > to enable a virtual desktop of a bigger size (but lower that your maximum screen resolution). The game will run fullscreen in that window and that may fix some old graphical issue.

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