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Username : Tutul

Rank : Moderator

Staff description

Nickname : Tutul
First Name : Raphaël
Age : born in 92
Role : Moderator, I sometimes write one or two scripts and work on the application

Distributions : I tested Ubuntu 8 to 10, Debian 7, ArchLinux (not long), Manjaro 0.8.10, Elementary OS (on a virtual machine for testing). I was also under OSX 10.4 and OSX 10.6
And now, I'm using Fedora :)

What Else ?
Student computer. I really enjoy playing and learning programming. I was recruited in 2010/2011 after three script and a lot of intervention to assist in the creation of scripts and manual installations ... My biggest flaw? My spelling (and my grammar) ^^" for a moderator is not terrible but I am careful to preserve your little eyes :)

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