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LOL- Crash after champions select

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MeiFuhrer Monday 29 December 2014 at 3:24

Hi, Im new on linux, i install LOL , but i have a problem after champions select in League of Legends, this is the log : 

12/28/2014 21:20:41.161 [ERROR] com.riotgames.pvpnet.system.localization.action.LoadModuleResourceBundleAction The following error occurred attempting to load a resource bundle
Error #2035
12/28/2014 21:20:41.164 [ERROR] com.riotgames.util.logging.UncaughtErrorHandler 0001 Uncaught error from LolClient: Error: Unable to load resource module from mod/phc/assets/locale/ProfileHoverCard-es_MX.swf

 Can you help me? sorry for my english , is not the better

My Spects:

Linux Mint 17.1 x86_64

Intel i3 2100

AMD HD6770

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MeiFuhrer Tuesday 30 December 2014 at 7:44


iiwii Tuesday 6 January 2015 at 7:05

On Mint Linux 17.1 I had to install some 32bit libraries

sudo apt-get install libtxc-dxtn0 libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:i386

If you are using Fedora then

yum install libtxc_dxtn.x86_64 libtxc_dxtn.i686