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Français :
Alien Breed 2 : Assault est un jeu d'action et de tir se déroulant dans un univers de science-fiction. Le joueur contrôle Conrad, ingénieur lancé dans un combat contre les aliens, à bord du vaisseau Leopold.

English :
Alien Breed 2 : Assault finds the player taking control of Conrad, Chief Engineer aboard the dying ship Leopold and continuing his fight for survival across the fatally damaged space vessel. His only hope relies on reigniting the alien space craft's monstrous engines to rescue him from impending annihilation, but to do this he will have to survive wave after wave of relentless alien assaults.

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Code source

# Date : (2010-30-10 21-00)
# Last revision : (2012-05-14 21:00)
# Wine version used : 1.3.6, 1.3.11, 1.3.15, 1.3.23, 1.3.26, 1.3.27, 1.4
# Distribution used to test : Debian Testing x64
# Author : GNU_Raziel
# Licence : Retail
# Only For :

# [SuperPlumus] (2013-07-23 21-41)
#   Update gettext messages
#   Fix script syntax error

[ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"

TITLE="Alien Breed 2 : Assault"

# Starting the script
POL_GetSetupImages "" "" "$TITLE"

# Starting debugging API

POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "$EDITOR" "$GAME_URL" "$AUTHOR" "$PREFIX"

# Setting prefix path
POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"

# Downloading wine if necessary and creating prefix
POL_System_SetArch "x86" # For dotnet/mono

# Choose between Steam and other Digital Download version
POL_SetupWindow_InstallMethod "STEAM,LOCAL"

# Installing mandatory dependencies
if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" = "STEAM" ]; then
    POL_Call POL_Install_steam
POL_Call POL_Install_vcrun2008
POL_Call POL_Install_d3dx9
POL_Call POL_Install_dotnet30

# Asking about memory size of graphic card

## Fix for this game
# Set Graphic Card informations keys for wine

# Sound problem fix - pulseaudio related
[ "$POL_OS" = "Linux" ] && Set_SoundDriver "alsa"
[ "$POL_OS" = "Linux" ] && Set_SoundEmulDriver "Y"
## End Fix

# Begin game installation
if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" = "STEAM" ]; then
    # Mandatory pre-install fix for steam
    POL_Call POL_Install_steam_flags "$STEAM_ID"
    # Shortcut done before install for steam version
    POL_Shortcut "steam.exe" "$TITLE" "" "steam://rungameid/$STEAM_ID"
    POL_Shortcut "steam.exe" "Steam ($TITLE)" "" ""
    # Steam install
    POL_SetupWindow_message "$(eval_gettext 'When $TITLE download by Steam is finished,\nDo NOT click on Play.\n\nClose COMPLETELY the Steam interface, \nso that the installation script can continue')" "$TITLE"
    cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/Steam"
    POL_Wine start /unix "steam.exe" steam://install/$STEAM_ID
    POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"
    # Asking then installing DDV of the game
    cd "$HOME"
    POL_SetupWindow_browse "$(eval_gettext 'Please select the setup file to run')" "$TITLE"
    POL_Wine start /unix "$SETUP_EXE"
    POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"

#Post-install features
POL_SetupWindow_message "$(eval_gettext 'If .NET 3.0 installation fail, dont worry\nthe game will still work')" "$TITLE"
UE3=`find $WINEPREFIX -name "UE3Redist.exe"`
POL_Wine start /unix "$UE3"
POL_Wine_WaitExit "Unreal Engine 3.0 redist"

# Making shortcut
if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" != "STEAM" ]; then
    POL_Shortcut "AlienBreed2Launcher.exe" "$TITLE" "$TITLE.png" ""

exit 0



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Alari24 Samedi 18 Avril 2015 à 17:20
Alari24 Anonymous


Got the program working correctly. It would be nice to have Steam itself on the listed programs so when a person only wants Steam then he should have to find a game first and then through that get the program. There is more to Steam than just games. But back on topic Alien Breed 2 does work :)


Samedi 18 Avril 2015 à 17:29
Just create a virtual drive with the version of Wine you want to use (check the wiki), and then use the Steam installer from the Install Components tab in the Configuration Window. :) Super simple. I do it all of the time. We understand that there is more to Steam than games. Really, anything that is on Steam that is not an actual video game is accessible through Linux's Steam, too.

The problem lies when a game needs something else BESIDES Steam. If the user does not install the correct components the game might not work, hence the scripts. What are you talking about is a Manual Install, which is accomplished how I said above. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee that ANY game that you download from Steam will work, as it may need a patched version of Wine, a specific Wine version, DLL overrides, or any other number of things. Keep this in mind when doing manual installs of games. If you run into issues with a game, you can check and see if it is listed, and if it is, if there is any voodoo that needs to be done. If you see something that needs to be installed via winetricks, look for that in the Install Components tab; we have pretty much everything winetricks has.

Hope this helps. :)