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PlayOnLinux 4.2.3 is out, experimental FreeBSD support!

Vendredi 11 Juillet 2014 à 16:10


Hi everybody,

The version 4.2.3 of PlayOnLinux is now available! Here are the main new features:

  • Experimental FreeBSD support.
  • A lot of bug fixed; stability is greatly improved
  • Mac OS users are no longer forced to reboot before using PlayOnMac.
  • To encourage people to use the website to get support, we removed the integrated IRC client. This decision has been made in order to keep record of the support we bring to people.


There's few other feature we want to release soon, so expect the version 4.2.4 quite quickly !

Have a nice day!


Quentin PÂRIS

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Elliemalan Mardi 18 Juillet 2017 à 14:00


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sophiacharles Samedi 16 September 2017 à 8:19


It is great to heart that the version 4.2.3 of PlayOnLinux is now available! It has remarkable new features Halloween products and offers.  It support Experimental FreeBSD .Its stability is greatly improved. I am very curious to know some more information about this version so please share more information about it on your page.

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