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Using PlayOnLinux scripts offline or sharing scripts on a network is now possible !

Mercredi 11 Aoüt 2010 à 0:45

HI everybody

Today, a new plugin for your favourite software is available. This plugin will allows you to install all PlayOnLinux scripts without internet access !
Indeed, we had worked on numerous solutions for people who don't have internet on their computer. But these solution was partial, they were efficient only for a few scripts

Never the less, Internet access is still needed for downloading wine version

But how does it work ?

For the beginers

You just need to download the plugin here:
Then, use PlayOnLinux settings menu to install it and configure it in beginers mode
This method is easy, but you will need to have at least an access to the internet to download all our scripts.

For the advanced users

You can run your own PlayOnLinux scripts server
This server can be used for your own computer, or to share scripts through a whole network, without having access to the internet. It works on all python-compatible operating system. I tested it on Linux and Mac OS X

To install PlayOnLinux scripts server, download both of the following files

The first archive contains the scripts server, the second contains all our script database. It is updated everyday.
You have to extract these file in the same directory

Then, run the server by typing the following command in a terminal
python PlayOnLinux_Server.py
If all is ok, you should read
Ready to start the server ! Listening on port 8050
To ensure that the server is well running, browse http://localhost:8050/. The message PlayOnLinux Server is running ! should appear, confirming you that the server is running

The next step is to install Offline PlayOnLinux on all the clients. Use the expert mode. This mod will allow you to specify another adress than the official script server (http://repository.playonlinux.com)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help to configure this tool