ibus keyboard input - Microsoft Office 2010

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damientonkin Mardi 30 Juillet 2013 à 11:05

Hey guys,

I'm currently running Office 2010 on Ubuntu 13.04 with Wine 1.6 through PlayOnLinux, and it works great, with the one exception that when I turn on my ibus keyboard to write Japanese, no Japanese text appears.

Is there any way to get ibus to work properly? Any help would be gladly appreciated. I already tried searching for answers on this but I couldn't find a solution.


renshu Vendredi 28 Février 2014 à 8:49

I am in the same situation, if anyone out there can figure this out it would make PlayOnLinux really useful for those who use Asian langauges like Japanese.
renshu Vendredi 14 Mars 2014 à 3:43

I got Ibus to work with Microsoft office 2007! I was previously running Ibus 1.4.1 and upgraded to 1.4.2 and then I was able to write in Japanese using those. You might want to check your Ibus version and upgrade via the terminal

I am currently running Ubuntu 12.04.4

How to upgrade:

1) download ibus from
2) depending on your version of Ubuntu try the latest version or 1.4.2
3) download tar file
4)extract to your home directory
5) open a terminal and cd to the ibus folder
6) commands
sudo make install
7)restart ibus

Now you can enter Japanese text,