League of Legends - in game store working today

The full process to get as much running as i did with PlayOnLinux + LOL

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zapoklu Dimanche 15 September 2013 à 4:18

Hey guys,

After much reading through multiple forums scattered across the net i thought i'd supply a comprehensive guide to how to get LoL working under Linux.

This was tested on Ubuntu 13.04 (64 bit) using AMD proprietary drivers (FGLRX) today 15 Sept 2013

1> Install the latest version of PlayOnLinux if you haven't already.
2> Click install a game, Select the "testing" checkbox and proceed through the normal process of installing LoL using the tarball, Leaving all options as default.
3> When the install is complete ensure you uncheck "run league of legends now"
4> In the main window of PlayOnLinux, Select your League of Legends icon and then choose "configure"
5> Install VCRun2005, Internet explorer 8, adobe flash player (important, Install them in the order listed above and when prompted make sure to tell all of these software packages not to check for updates)
6> Run the game.

After performing the above i can use the ingame store and tested purchasing Lux OK :)

In addition, The VCrun2005 package will ensure that the fonts for in game chat work correctly.
zapoklu Dimanche 15 September 2013 à 4:47

Interestingly enough it worked as many times as i wanted after those installation packages, Now the store isn't working again.. I'm not sure what the missing piece here is but for some reason it was working with the above and now no longer is..
izberion Dimanche 15 September 2013 à 4:58

I had it working earlier today, but it crashed after trying to load the RP purchasing part (took a bit to load the elements to crash it)

Just tried it again and it crashes on open. Only had vcrun2005 installed.
SuperDanceParty Lundi 16 September 2013 à 22:21

There's a workaround for this (sort of).

I noticed that if you go to your profile from the adobe air launcher, and go to the champion listing, it shows all the champions in one big alphabetical list. You can click on any of them here, and still buy the champs, or any of their skins.

It's a nice workaround for the broken RP shop problems if you can't solve it one day, so you can still buy new champs etc.