LoL Crash after victory/defeat screen

LoL crashes after the game ends and when switching back to the game menu (post game screen)

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ThatReallySucks Mercredi 2 Octobre 2013 à 21:26

First time posting, and per the instructions, I'm posting in the forums first, before I file a bug. Here is my Debug Log: and here is the log from the game crash:

The game crashes after it ends, immediately after you click the "Continue" button from the "Victory" or "Deafeat" screen. Sometimes it doesn't bomb and loads the post-game menu properly, but it's about 50/50. I'm coming from a fresh install of PlayOnLinux and LoL. I deleted the virtual drive, .playonlinux folder, and re-downloaded the LoL game all from PlayOnLinux. I'm running Mint 15 (Cinnamon) on an AMD 64bit with a full drive encryption (I noticed some crypt messages in the error log).

I was successfully running LoL prior to the 3.11 game update with very minimal issues, but ever since that update, I've had many issues. I've tried previous suggestions of chmod attempts on the .playonlinux folder, but those previous attempts on previous installs did not help. I have not tried any "fixes" on this latest install, but rather opted to post here with my issue and start "fresh" with any suggestions.

Thanks, hopefully I didn't break any rules on my first post.

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mannometro Dimanche 6 Octobre 2013 à 18:38

Hello, for me the same. OpenSUSE 12.3, fresh installation with game.cfg edited.


petch Dimanche 6 Octobre 2013 à 18:55

Looks like a case of bug #27036