arabic language or another language on playonmac

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maherdarwesh2 Samedi 19 Octobre 2013 à 18:18

hello people

how are you

i hope you are interesting

i used some peace of great software to encrypt my message

i used it in play on linux work great

but on mac not work good

arabic language keyboard not work

and some error message come to me

my system is mac os 10.9 mavricks

play on mac 4.2.1 version

my desktop is default

describe error

i make my system in my language

and the gui of mac is arabic

and then install play on mac

when i run program this message out

locale ar_SA cant be set

the image of error

my computer is arabic in soudia arabia

 i try many times to make it work  but i cant do that

but it work on play on linus on ubuntu 13.4

i can give you instruction to reproduce the error if you need

any help

thanks in advance for any assistance or help


Doyle Mercredi 7 Janvier 2015 à 10:30

I face the same issue

any solution please?


I found that the Arabic local not install on Mac OS X :(

masaykh Jeudi 26 Février 2015 à 17:34

It seems like no UNICODE support.

I have ubuntu with same version of wine (compiled from source) and unicode i see cyrillic characters but in playonmac build - cyrillic characters dont work.

Doyle Mercredi 11 Mars 2015 à 9:54

I'm still waiting.

is there any solution?

Biky Lundi 13 Avril 2015 à 21:56

I had the same problem with an application that showed menus and needed typing in greek language.

Mac OS X Yosemite-Latest version of PlayOnMac and Wine

This workd for me:

I've changed system language to greek.

The application worked fine! 

Hope that helps!

PS: I haven't run other  applications with greek language support.

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