Another problem with bumblebee

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koms Mercredi 26 Février 2014 à 21:03

Hello all

I searched the forum and i didn't found answer, so i decided to create a new topic. My lap is Acer Aspire 5750g with nvidia gt520m on Debian 7.4. So i installed bumblebee-nvidia and nvidia-glx. When i'm starting POL normally everything is OK, only game (Blur) is in slow motion, but when i'm using optirun, apear message that i don't have 32-bit libraries, and game (the same) is not running at all. What kind of pack or whatever should i install?

Clicksights Samedi 8 Mars 2014 à 16:31

Maybe i can help a little.

I just had to reinstall my laptop, with bumblebee.
Make sure you run the latest version with Primusrun.

Follow the install instruction to the letter!
Make sure you use the Nvidia swat deb for the Nvidia drivers.
And only install primus after succesfull installation of Bumblebee.

Some programs you can just ad primusrun to the icon P.o.L. makes.
Like Farcry 2.
Others Like Diablo 3 need P.o.L. to run in primus mode to even install.

You will have to try each game, or ask here if some-one solved it already.

Have a nice day!