[Script] Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Druthers Jeudi 18 Février 2016 à 23:52


Having trouble with this script.  I keep getting the dreaded SteamHelper.exe critical errors and It does not seem to handle Steam correctly.  I think a newer version of Wine with Steamcrossoverhack must be used and the wine OS compat needs to be set to XP if it is not.

This is one of my favorite games that I never got to finish so any help to get this running would be awesome.

  • Mint 17.3
  • Intel i5 (8GB) with Nvidia 940 (2GB), laptop
  • Installed Playonlinux and Wine from source repos/PPAs, not older Ubunto
  • Steam GOTY edition of game

Maybe you could outline how I should install this without the script and I can tell you if that works.  Then I can try installing with some script tweaks.  Seems best to make the game work and then try to roll that into script.

Thank you,


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Xenos5 Vendredi 19 Février 2016 à 0:29

Hm. Looks like a newly introduced Steam issue. Not entirely surprised, seeing how Steam updates all the time.
This WineHQ page describes how there's a wine patch that works around this issue. There's a wine version in the PlayOnLinux repos that looks like it includes this, 1.8-steam_crossoverhack.

The bad news is that I had to get a custom wine compiled for DXHR, and you will get mouse issues if you just straight-up use 1.8-steam_crossoverhack. You can try, though.

The other bad news is that I can't test anything right now. I will not have access to a gaming desktop with the game installed for another two weeks.

But, I suspect all that needs to be done is get the two patches (the DXHR patch earlier in this thread, and the crossover hack) to play together nicely. I just tested the patch merging; you can apply the crossover patch cleanly on top of 1.7.24 + CSMT-0.9.1-cee55f8.patch + DXHR.patch
But we can't/shouldn't request a wine build from PlayOnLinux without at least checking that it fixes the issues you're seeing, and I can't test the patched wine myself.

Are you familiar/comfortable with patching wine and running games on a patched wine? It's a bit of a tall task if you haven't done it before.

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Druthers Vendredi 19 Février 2016 à 1:05

Not Sure what I did exactly but looks like the game starts.  Have not really played it yet.

I just kept closing the Steamhelper error window and it finally finished installing in Steam then I closed out of Steam and your script finished.  The other two times I tried to install the steam window crashed out and Playonlinux reported that it could not continue (forgot the actual error) and closed out without creating the prefix.

I'll post back in here in a couple weeks and will galdly help you test out any updates or fixes you want to try.