League of Legends installation

cant get started after installation

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Kurito Vendredi 9 Mai 2014 à 13:09


i am trying to get League of Legends running on my Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop. The installation is very smooth and no errors from there, i unclick "run after installation" and when the installer was done i started lol, but all i get so far is an error splash.

When i try to launch Lol under Wine latest beta it works fine until i try to open the shop(ingame) after that it crashes.

The error message shows no code or anything.

would love to get some help ^^

edit:// i used Playonlinux for the installation and changed the wine version afterwards

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terryc Vendredi 9 Mai 2014 à 14:11

Did you use the installer from the PoL installer?
Riots installer doesn't work.
I'm not sure of shop works without add-ons..It was the situation a couple of years(?) back, but some other threads mention add-on to get shop working.

FWIW, I run Debian Wheeyz 7.04(?) and the latest AM