can't create shortcut to application?

Ubuntu 2007

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boyofford Lundi 12 Mai 2014 à 0:26

Hi all,

Just found out about playonlinux and am trying to get M$ office to work as I'm going to try and convert my Mrs to ubuntu but this program is a must have for compatibility at her work.

Install went fine, and seems to work OK.
Problem is when I click on the create shortcut one is not actually created on desktop, though it says it has done so...any ideas?

I'm using the Gnome variant of ubuntu 14.04 if it matters? but planning to use unity version on her computer.

boyofford Lundi 12 Mai 2014 à 0:39

Edit....may be something with my install...or something I've done lol!
Just realised can see shortcut in desktop folder in my home but not on my actual desktop

and can't see anything else I try copying to desktop, so probably not playonlinux problem
boyofford Lundi 12 Mai 2014 à 0:53

fixed it, well I forgot I created the problem myself by ticking a box that hides icons on desktop in 'tweak tool'